259 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley.

Upcoming duo show

'Good Conscious'

August 17th, 2017

Upcoming duo show

Good Conscious pairs two Australian artists, AMA and Katie Noller for a duo exhibition of new works — each discussing impulse and immediacy through a collection of shapes, colours and patterns consistent within their own practices.

AMA (Brisbane) makes work that draws from intuition, personal emotions and experiences, in response to her immediate surroundings in a conscious process. Her 'back to basics' and honest approach can be seen through her language of shades, mark making, dynamic scribbles and loose forms that float across the space.

Similarly, Katie Noller (Hobart) assembles reference imagery from her environment, which later forms the pattern based elements in her signature semiotic representation. As a visual therapist, Katie’s paintings pursue the duality between the process of deriving meaning from what we see and how this is tied to how we interpret painting.

This free exhibition is open to the general public, with entry via Greaser Bar.

Note: this exhibition will be on show for one night only and is an all ages event. Under 18's are welcome to attend if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Make sure to follow AMA and Katie Noller in the lead up to his show.

Special thanks to our amazing partners Greaser Bar, Hither & Yon, Stokade Brew Co. and Platypus Graphics.

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Opening reception and Facebook RSVP

Thursday August 17th
6:30pm until 9:30pm
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Analogue Gallery at Greaser Bar

259 Brunswick St,
Fortitude Valley.

'Good Conscious'